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Zoom is the leader in modern video communications, with an easy, reliable cloud platform for video and audio conferencing, collaboration, chat, and webinars across mobile devices and desktops. Q: How should I record in Zoom? A: When recording you will be given two options, to ‘record to the cloud’, or ‘record on this computer’. We advise not using the ‘record on this computer’ option and this may be disabled in the future, to avoid any GDPR risks of storing data on a personal device.

All recordings should be recorded to the cloud, as this will send them to our secure storage on Panopto. Q: How does Zoom integrate with Panopto? Please see the tutorial video in the Training Session Recordings tab for more guidance.

Panopto was running via opt-in to gain access, but due to the lockdown the policy has been waived during the current circumstances, so all staff now have access to their own Panopto folders and storage. Q: When you schedule a meeting and under the advanced options tick the ‘automatically record’ box, will zoom login uk online meeting – zoom login uk online meeting automatically save to Panopto without completing anything else and will it just be securely saved there? A: Yes, but please check Panopto to access the video, as Zoom will send a notification email when the video is processed, but we’re trying to get this removed as the video is only held on Zoom temporarily while it transfers to Zoom, so won’t be visible in the email link.

Q: Can only the host record the meeting? A: From our testing, even if an alternative host records, the session will be sent to the host’s Panopto account and attendees shouldn’t be able to record sessions unless permitted. Q: Can we record on zoom as evidence for External Examiners? A: Absolutely, once sessions are safely on Panopto you can share them securely internally, or externally.

A: You will need to make sure that you sign out completely from a personal account, before zoom login uk online meeting – zoom login uk online meeting your St Mary’s one. Panopto is still the best way to pre-record lectures and when campus re-opens will still be what is used for Teaching and Learning Capture, as it is linked to the installed cameras and microphones. Zoom is an asset when delivering live sessions, so should be used for that purpose and is also integrated with Panopto, so that cloud recordings are automatically sent to our secure storage there and benefit from Panopto’s ability to play back multiple sources at once such as video and shared screens.

A: Co-hosts can’t, but alternative hosts can if they launch the meeting before the main host so the person that set the meeting up. There can only be one main host, but this right can be moved and allocated between people during the session.

The main host can access the more advanced features, such as breakout rooms, polls and the security button which allows functions such as locking the meeting room. Q: If I assign an alternative host can they run the meeting without me?

A: Yes, if an alternative host starts the meeting, they become the ‘main’ host, gaining access to the full array of tools, such as the security button, breakout rooms and polls. Q: If I set up a meeting for someone else, can they launch it without me?

A: Yes, if you use the alternative host option when setting up /28021.txt meeting NB co-hosts can’t launch meetings. Q: How can I get access to the webinar feature? Q: What is better to use, a meeting or webinar? A: It entirely depends on what you need to deliver.

Meetings are great for interaction, while you can also choose to ‘mute all’ while delivering content to avoid audio clutter and disruption and you can also set video to zoom login uk online meeting – zoom login uk online meeting off when setting up the meeting. Q: Can a host turn an attendee’s camera on and do people get a warning that it will happen?

A: You can switch audio on and off at will, but as a host you can zoom login uk online meeting – zoom login uk online meeting request video to be zoom login uk online meeting – zoom login uk online meeting on and the attendee will get a request to authorise. Q: What will participants see on their screen as we present?

A: Participants will see whatever content you are sharing in their Zoom programme window please see the training video for more details. If you have your camera on at this point, they may also see a small feed from your camera off to one side. Q: Can we disable the chat? A: Yes – you can disable this both before meetings in your settings, or within the call by clicking on the settings option in the chat window.

Q: How can I track attendance of my Zoom calls? A: Please see the video below for guidance:. Launch Zoom How to access Zoom. You can find this in the Start Menu. Within the desktop app, click on the Sign in with SSO option, and when prompted for the ‘company domain’ enter stmarys You should be taken to a St Mary’s login page in your web browser.

Sign in with username stmarys. Open the app and click on the SSO option. When prompted for the ‘company domain’ enter stmarys You should be taken to a St Mary’s login page in your web browser. Video – you can select if video is on or off by default for the Host and Participants Calendar – if you want to send the invitations out to people’s calendars, select Outlook. Once you click create, this will automatically open an Outlook desktop invitation that can be sent to recipients.

Send the invitation to recipients – in the desktop app, click on the Meetings tab, find the meeting you have created, and click Copy Invitation. You can then send this to recipients via IM or Email.

Please see above for guidance. How to set up a meeting for right now Log into Zoom via a web browser or via the desktop app Select Host Meeting web or New Meeting desktop depending on the device you are using. This will immediately launch a new Zoom meeting. Click the Invite button to get the URL of your нажмите чтобы перейти. Send the URL to any recipients. They may need to enter a password to join the meeting, this is found in the Invite menu in the bottom right.

Recording Zoom Meetings. Further guidance. Get in touch Have a question? Find out who to contact and speak to us now! Contact Us.


Zoom login uk online meeting – zoom login uk online meeting –

Jul 08,  · How do i download the zoom app on my laptop uk. How to download Zoom on your PC for free in 4 simple steps. Video Conferencing with Zoom. Visit and bookmark for the latest updates, news, resources, support, and training information. For technical questions and issues, please contact the Penn State IT Service Desk by calling HELP or emailing zoom@ Join Connect to a meeting. Host Start a meeting. Sign In Configure your account. Dec 16,  · After launching the Zoom client, you will see a preview of your video. To start a meeting with video enabled, click the “Join with Video” option. If you wish to disable video initially, you can click the “Join without Video” option. You can always turn your video on/off during the meeting. You may also see a message that says.


Zoom login uk online meeting – zoom login uk online meeting –


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